My Forever Valentine: A Documentary of Love

My parents have been such an inspiration to me as a couple, I wanted to document their love and share it with the world.


The year was 1970. The day was February 14th, Valentine’s Day. My father’s best friend was going to his girlfriend’s house to present her with a gift and he asked my father to accompany him. As fate would have it, my mother opened the door. He had no idea his best friend’s girlfriend had a sister. My parents have been inseparable since.


When they married, my mom was in her senior year of high school and my dad had just completed basic training for the U.S. Air Force. My brother and I became part of their story a few years later.


Over the years, my parents have grown together as they grew individually. As many of their friends and family members married and divorced, my parents have remained a unit. Their love has inspired me. Their love has shown me what love looks like. Because of them and all they’ve shown me, I aspire to one day have a love just as special and lasting as theirs.


Due to the climbing divorce rate, many do not have high hopes for marriage. People are not sustaining their relationships because there are not many positive images anymore for them to see. People know how to get divorced but how many know how to stay married?


My purpose for creating this documentary was to explore that question and dispel some myths about marriage. The fact is, as my father states in the film, “Marriage works, you just have to work it.”


You have to want it, but more importantly, you have to want it with the person you’re with. Can positive images of marriage change mindsets? Can people begin to have hope in creating love that lasts?


I don’t know for sure, but my prayer with this documentary is that we can begin to change the narrative and see a shift in what marriage looks like.


Here’s My Forever Valentine: A Documentary of Love